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But clearly Drake, Dave Chappelle and NBA star Steph Curry didn't do their homework when they agreed to appear on the magician's latest TV special, Tuesday night's (Nov. You could see it in their horrified faces when the deadpan prestidigitator performed his latest feat of "oh no you didn't" wonder. '," the comedian added of Drizzy's recent beef target, eliciting howls of laughter from the Canadian MC and his crew. Blaine proceeded to regurgitate and spit out three live frogs into a wine glass, at which point the entire room loses their damn minds.The set-up seemed simple enough: Blaine asked Chappelle to draw an animal that could easily fit in Drake's hand, so the comedian sketched out a frog. And her evolutionary mutability—the quicksilver ability to grow and change and live spectacular multiple lives in and beyond the public eye—has given each viewer and each listener their own favorite Madonna. Can you imagine what it actually feels like to be completely isolated, all by yourself with nobody to talk to? From her early years in rough-and- tumble New York City of the 1980s to her (book) goddess 1990s and the equestrian splendor of the early aughts in England, each chapter of her life is related as a kind of Dickensian parable of perseverance, of will, or of self-invention, as she weaves herself together out of blond ambition, yoga, or prayer.

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We must say, we’re a bit surprised by the photos of the 1,044-square-foot pad—it all looks rather…ordinary. Definitely not what we would expect from the man who chose to do an act where they were entombed in a plastic box underground beneath a 3-ton water-filled tank for a week. Blaine bought the apartment back in 1998, when he was dating Josie Maran—she of Josie Maran Cosmetics fame.Then the freaky part: Blaine picked up a glass of champagne and spit out a frog into the wine. The whole crowd was gasping, yelling, and generally losing it.Blaine spit out another frog and gave that one to Chappelle, who looked as though he wanted to find another party to hide in.David Blane’s celebrity-packed new TV special debuted in the US earlier this week, debuting some new magic tricks from the famed magician.One of the show’s many highlights featured Drake and Dave Chappelle being blown away after Blaine somehow throws up three frogs.

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