Updating windows xp date and time remotely love sec and dating

The W32Time service is not a full-featured NTP solution that meets time-sensitive application needs.The W32Time service is primarily designed to do the following; Make the Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol work, and Provide loose sync time for client computers. and yes I'm trying to force the clients to update their time. If it is not, then the client is getting a value from an NTP server outside your network.The W32Time service cannot reliably maintain sync time to the range of 1 to 2 seconds. Do you happen to know how to do it in Domain Policy? Your options are to either setup an NTP server on your server or have the server resync with the same NTP server the client is using (time.by default for both I believe).

If you're not sure which of your domains is the forest root domain, it will be the domain with the domain controller(s) with the FSMO roles of "Schema Master" and "Domain Naming Master" role holders.For example in Windows 8, check firewall settings in Control Panel -Advanced settings.If the firewall is on, one has to enable Inbound and Outbound Rules for "Specific local ports" in our case UDP, port 123.Get dtm Install Date = Management Date Time Converter.To Date Time(CStr(o Mgmt O bj("Install Date"))) Next ; Windows Install Date ; $readreg = Reg Read("HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENTVERSION\", "Install Date") $s New Date = _Date Add( 's',$readreg, "1970/01/01 ") Msg Box( 4096, "", "Date: " & $s New Date ) Exit Function Get Install Date: String; Var di: longint; buf: Array [ 0..3 ] Of byte; Begin Result := 'Unknown'; With TRegistry.

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