Updating a registry key command

Today this urban Texas cowboy continues to crank out high-quality software as well as non-technical articles covering a multitude of diverse topics ranging from gaming to current affairs. In the beginning, accessing values in the registry using Power Shell is deceptively difficult, but once you master the syntax of HKLM:\ the technique it becomes reassuringly easy.

The letter "t" before REG BINARY is a switch that tells Windows that this is a type. The switch named "v" precedes that value letting Windows know that fe340ead is a value.The new toolkit comes with four files, including a (executable) file and a Group Policy (GPO) Administrative Template.The included IE11_file must be run with elevated rights.Let start with Power Shell's PSDrive provider, which opens the door to the registry.Thus you can type: I reminder that HKLM is an abbreviation of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, which is well-known to Power Shell.

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