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By varying the types of sessions, successful teachers find ways to maintain the novelty and excitement possible with whiteboarding.

Whiteboard sessions should be tailored specifically to the learning objective in order to achieve the best outcomes.

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The panel discussion is a valuable, time-tested teaching technique used in classrooms of all types to help students understand the experiences of a particular group of people. As I moved into the graduate classroom as a teacher of students studying higher education I realized I had a short time (one semester) to introduce and expose my students to the vast array of functions in the area of student affairs/student services.

My previous experiences facilitating successful panel discussions led me to believe that a panel would be a good method to use here. In an effort to create a panel that represented a diversity of functions and practitioners, I ended up with too many panelists and, consequently, an ineffective exercise.

The thought of completely changing what I had been doing in my classroom for almost ten years was daunting.

By the end of the first week I was cleaning out my old files, putting my old unit binders into storage, and making lists of things I would need to start my Modeling classroom.

Whiteboarding sessions offer innovative, interactive ways for students to process, discover, and construct knowledge, but to be a powerful, effective resource, students must stay engaged in the process.With speed learning, students are challenged to have several one on one conversations with the other students.I communicate a defined outcome as well as a time limit to help focus the discussions.Steps for using the method in class: Outcomes of such an activity include: students become more conversational with their topics, students become more conversational with their classmates (on academic topics), an increased probability of connection with others and their learning, foster a more robust ‘thinking’ process with their own work and every voice is heard.There aren’t too many downsides to this type of activity, in my experience.

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