Smugmug smart galleries not updating

Visual browsing through your RAW files is much easier this way.So, it is better to upload JPEG / JPG files along with your RAW files.Some include how to integrate Smug Mug with the easier to manipulate Squarespace templates.However, if you have a specific question about using Smug Mug and Word, please leave a comment and I will try and help you the best that I can.I recommend the standalone app or the lightroom plug-in myself. This is unique to Smugmug, Smart Galleries take some of the hassle out of uploading and organizing your photos, it will automatically do it for you if you set up some simple rules in advance.Smart Galleries can organize photos based on many rules, such as date range and keywords.

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With a 1 GB size limit, I think this makes more sense.In the catalog there is folder called Shoot Archive. Since Lightroom does not sync between computers in an effect way for this type of work, if you are shooting using a laptop then using a workstation in an office, there can be some extra steps to keeping a clean workflow.In this case, you can either just mark images you want to upload later or, still upload images to the Shoot Archive then re-sync that folder when you have moved the images to the Workstation drives.The gallery will automatically fill with photos tagged with that keyword and taken in that date range.Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I am now spending more of time writing tutorials at Squarespace Plugins.

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