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The mortality rate of orca calves is close to 50 percent in the first year alone. Could this mark a turnaround in the health of the orca population?Does it mean conservation efforts are finally paying off? This paper discusses the chronology of the early metallurgy in the context of the Vinča Culture of the central Balkans on the basis of new radiometric evidence.The AMS dating programme focused both on the mining site of Rudna Glava and on those settlement sites and contexts of the Vinča culture with early copper finds and traces of metallurgical activities.When the new baby orca L120 was spotted in just off of San Juan Island in Puget Sound, Ken Balcomb passed out cigars to celebrate.

While filming a documentary in Arctic Norway, a photographer, world-champion kitesurfer and freediver had the experience of a lifetime — with wild killer whales.Heide can be seen interacting with orcas underwater while zooming around on a DPV.The video includes scenes of orcas playfully interacting with a paddleboarder, underwater shots of humpback whales and schools of herring. Photographer and filmmaker David Gonzalez Buendia accompanied Kari Schibevaag and Heide as they sailed the Arctic on a weeklong journey hoping to film orcas interacting with humans for an upcoming documentary.He has previously spotted a pilot whale while out fishing, but only from a distance and not as close as the curious orcas, who were apparently hoping to chance their luck and earn some fish.And they were rewarded for their visit: "We threw out some bait fish for them to try and keep them around for a bit longer".

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