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Former tech mogul and fugitive from Central American justice John Mc Afee, tired of getting email from people complaining about Mc Afee anti-virus products, has put up a fun video instructing viewers how to "uninstall" his eponymous software.

The video, which you can view on Mc Afee's personal website, isn't quite safe for work.

If I try a manual update, the updater starts (appears in the system tray). But then the tray icon suddenly disappears, there is no message saying that A/V has update, there is no message saying that it was already up to date, there is no message saying that the update failed.Avira Personal Edition Classic performs PC scans for malicious programs (viruses, Trojans, worms, backdoor programs, hoaxes, dialers etc.), at a fast speed, on a regular basis.It also keeps track of actions executed by users or the operating system and takes measures (repair, delete, block, rename and quarantine) when a threat is detected.Mc Afee Complete Endpoint Protection—Business is an integrated endpoint security suite that protects PCs, Macs, Linux systems, servers, virtual systems, smartphones, and tablets from online threats.Learn More Mc Afee Server Security Suite Advanced includes optimized antivirus and intrusion prevention along with advanced whitelisting to protect against zero-day threats and change control to meet regulatory requirements.

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