Is kid rock dating anyone

I can't believe nobody ever game me (grief)," he says."The reason I do stuff like that is obviously because I'm not a racist," he says. He started e-mailing me at dawn, urging me to come early, promising "a badass surprise." "I wanna tell you what it is so bad," he says. Rock spotted Audrey, a no-nonsense brunette, five years ago at a Michigan restaurant and asked her out on the spot. They've been hunting on Rock's 500-acre property since a.m. "I guarantee you ain't seen this before." As Gabe makes turkey sandwiches and Rock makes small talk, his girlfriend, Audrey, arrives in a pickup truck, just back from Walmart. Rock introduces his buddy Gabe, a portly local salesman who sold Rock a dog. " It's noon on a sunny Thursday in Troy, seat of Pike County.

Related: Trump Wants To Do TV In His 'Spare Time' Speaking anonymously, a source from Trump's Presidential Inauguration Committee confirmed that the group is hoping "to do better than Kid Rock and Ted Nugent," and added: "!And Sarah Palin came along for the train wreck, too! Related: The finger during the annual Chillin' The Most fan cruise a couple of weeks ago. In 2011, during an interview with Piers Morgan, the rapper confessed keeping things private was his #1 priority, saying: Damn right!Related: Amber Heard Said To Be Planning A Wedding With Elon Musk The two have actually been dating for almost a decade!!! Even though Donald Trump has won the election, it doesn't mean celebs are lining up to meet or perform for the next President.Well, no amount of money could get a Filed under: TV News • Justin Timberlake • Music Minute • Oops!• Wacky, Tacky & True • Politik • Beyonce • Busted!

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