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Even when no physical harm is administered, verbal abusers can cause significant emotional stress, and make an employee feel uncomfortable and scared to go to work.Some office bullies sabotage the equipment or accomplishments of other workers.

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This includes verbal threats, unjust criticisms, sabotage of a person's work or supplies, sexual harassment, and physical violence.

The workplace bully, even if he is the owner, is not acting in the best interests of the company by bullying you.

You may experience depression, high blood pressure or substance abuse problems.

This can be a tough realization for some, but trying to “rescue” a perpetually angry colleague is likely to just leave you feeling defeated. “Displaying self-discipline can deescalate a situation because [you] are aware of [your] attitude and behavior and can make adjustments accordingly,” says Lisa Barrow, a consultant and speaker on workplace bullying.

This information guide is intended for consultant psychiatrists and trainees in psychiatry who are experiencing difficulties with their colleagues.

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