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She was the second daughter of Wagdy Elwi, a bureaucrat at the Egyptian Ministry of Justice, and a great-grandson of Elwi Pasha, personal ophthalmologist to the Khedive of Egypt.

Her mother Samia Rostom was the daughter of second-generation immigrants from Turkey, and the niece of the Egyptian silver screen star of the Forties and Fifties, Zaki Rostom. Sharaf served with distinction at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for nearly four decades, from the early Fifties to the mid-Eighties, witnessing much of Egypt's diplomatic, political and military turmoil. Deputy Chief of Mission of the Sultanate of Oman to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1974 – 1977); Consul General of the United Arab Republic (UAR) at Hong Kong (1967–1971); Deputy Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the Middle East (1961 – 1966).

He matriculated to the faculty of Law at Fu ād Ist University (Cairo University), where he graduated with a degree in 1947.

Ezz El-din Sharaf (1927 – 2010), former police officer and Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs; Sami Sharaf (1929 – ), former army officer and government Minister; Salwa Sharaf (1935 – ), socialite; Tarek Sharaf (1936 – 1998), former army officer and doyen of the Arabic language simultaneous translators at the United Nations.

Stretching from the dive sites of the Sinai Peninsula to the reefs of St Johns and the Sudan border, Egyptian waters enclose some of the Red Sea's finest diving.

Wadi Sora itself is a sheltered inlet within a promontory of the main plateau.

The main painted caves were discovered by the Hungarian explorer László Almásy in October 1933 during the Frobenius expedition.

An extension of the Great Rift Valley the Egyptian Red Sea is famed for its mix of deep walls, gentle coral gardens and wreck graveyards.

Egypt’s climate is easy to summarize: hot and dry, with the exception of the winter months of December, January and February, which can be quite cold in the north.

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