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Mike, a Chicago police officer, meets fourth-grade teacher Molly one day when he speaks at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and they fall in love, thanks in part to their mutual love of pie and the desire to resist it.

Both face challenges in their quest to lose weight -- Molly from her slender sister and mother and Mike at the diner where he frequently eats.

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"It's a tried and true method, so we went with what works." Despite the swipe model, there are several differences.

A few weeks ago, online dating website Ok Cupid announced that paying users on the site could now “search” their matches by the answers they gave to the site’s user-generated match questions.

These questions are as varied as “Have you ever had sex with a person within the first hour of meeting them?

Not sure who decided to do the "NEW Mike & Molly" but the new stinks.

It used to be an enjoyable show about a couple who just happen to be overweight and their quirky friends and relatives.

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