Cougar dating reality show

Our Facebook, phones, and email were dinging and ringing all night.We are still receiving feedback on the show and most people want to see more–they want to know if there is more footage or if we are coming back for another show.VH1 caught up with the recently engaged couple to see how they’ve been handling their newfound fame, and most importantly, if they’ve started wedding planning.What has the response been like since Tuesday’s episode aired? 98 percent of the comments we received were in support of our love.shed light on a dating phenomenon we’ve seen play out in movies and across the pages of tabloids.Meet Antoine and Towana, a committed and loving couple who just so happen to be 18 years apart.A few weeks ago, we published a study on the cost of dating younger women.

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Redefining the rules of dating, or so it claims, this reality show from the creator of ``The Bachelor'' sets up an older woman with 20 younger men seeking to become her love interest.

The respective patriarch and matriarch of the family.

The Bachelor is famed for his wandering eye, the Bachelorette is famed for not getting serious raccoon eyes when she cries to the confessional booth.

To begin understanding the Cougar Phenomenon, we start by conducting a survey which was sent out to younger male members of our websites (Whats Your, Seeking and Seeking who have shown an affinity to or preference for dating older women.

The results may or may not surprise you: Over 89% of the younger men surveyed said they like Cougars because Cougars are more sexually experienced.

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