Autococker dating

Plus replacing frame/noid with the Eclipse parts and WGP noid cover.

I have never had the opportunity to hold a dralion and mine at the same time to get a good like at the milling.

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my knowledge of cockers is limited to service and repair. i knew orrys were released somewhere after 2000, i just couldnt put an exact date to it. the bodies of both are in good condition however the trigger frames, regulators, barrels, and pneus have obvious signs of wear and or tooling marks.

If it's a Dragun body, someone went through a LOT of trouble to make it look like a real Orracle since those didn't have clamping necks, they would needed to have a new neck pressed in or have the stock threaded/reanno'd, along with a few other physical differences in the designs.

Adjusted the LPR until it cycled correctly but not too much pressure.

During the 1950’s the Soviet Union, as part of its military aid program, established the production of Soviet-pattern small arms in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

I ran out of air before I could test this but it's my next step to trying to cure the issue.

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the STO serial number is 102179 and the orracle is 3237.

if anyone has an idea of what either of these might be worth that would be nice too.

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