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Nurses knew she planned to give her baby to her mother to raise, but were worried by her mother’s aggressive behaviour, including a refusal to let A breastfeed her baby, saying: ‘We don’t want any of that attachment thing.’Midwives raised the alarm when the mother tried to take the newborn baby from the ward, and A later confided in a family friend about her ordeal.

All four children were taken into care and the mother was charged with child cruelty.

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On one occasion a social worker closed the case after speaking to the mother on the telephone, without even visiting the family’s home or seeing the children.

Upon arriving in Iraq, Green said, his training to kill, the rampant violence and derogatory comments by other soldiers against Iraqis served to dehumanise that country's civilian population.

The deaths intensified Green's feelings toward all Iraqis, whom soldiers often called by a derogatory term.

maybe she will love me more”.’ A was only 13 when her mother revealed her plans, and just 14 when the humiliating and painful ordeal of the insemination ‘programme’ began.

Remarkably, it was only by becoming a mother herself that A found the strength to stand up to the maternal bullying she had suffered.

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